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Thursday, June 30, 2005
Teacher's sex experiment went too far, says district
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Teacher's sex experiment went too far, says district

Sexual harassment complaint from science experiment will continue

CLAREMONT - An investigation by Claremont schools into allegations of sexual harassment by a student found a teacher acted inappropriately in how he conducted a biology lab. Freshman Gabriela Jimenez said she was distressed by teacher Robert Hoyle's March 31 class exercise on sexually transmitted diseases.

"It made me uncomfortable; I didn't want to do it," Gabriela said.

With the song "Let's Get It On" setting the mood, she said students were instructed to approach six classmates about exchanging water from their test tubes by asking, "Would you like to have sex with me?"

Parent Elizabeth Jimenez retained a lawyer with the Pacific Justice Institute and filed a formal sexual harassment claim for creating "an intimidating, hostile and offensive educational environment."

Devon Freitas, assistant superintendent of Claremont schools, did not return telephone calls, but in a written response to the institute's lawyer, Freitas acknowledged "decisions made by the teacher in the presentation of the lab ... were inappropriate, especially for the maturity level of most ninth-graders."

According to Freitas' response, other teachers at Claremont High taught the same lesson, and a memo was sent to all science teachers regarding Education Code protocol for lessons containing sexual references.

Kevin Snider, chief counsel at the Pacific Justice Institute, said they do not consider the matter resolved.

"We're in the process of filing a formal complaint," Snider said.

Hoyle's lab assignment, titled "Pathogens and Infection: Invisible Carriers of Disease," describes an exercise not uncommon in biology coursework.

In order to simulate the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, students were instructed to exchange "body fluids" with one another to see how rapidly a virus can spread.

Each student received a test tube, filled with water, to mix with six "partners" in the class. A tube was contaminated with a chemical, and after the students had poured, dripped or mixed with several others, the class examined how many ended up infected.

Jimenez, who said her daughter refused to participate, objected more to the method of the exercise than the message.

"There was lewd music," she said. "The problem is (my daughter) was uncomfortable, upset and embarrassed. Kids are saying things like "Hey, you want to suck my tube? You want to have foreplay?'"

She said less-popular students lacking partners to complete the assignment "were told to "experiment' and to 'have sex' with somebody of the same gender."

Jimenez said she was skeptical but became concerned after her two other daughters, one of whom took the class with another instructor, said they had the same test-tube sex experience.

Hoyle did not return calls seeking comment.

Jimenez said the district should have sent a notice to parents informing them of the content of the exercise so parents could opt to exclude their children.

Freitas said the district follows state law regarding parental notification, which requires parents to be notified about "instruction in comprehensive sexual education and HIV/AIDS prevention education."

CA - Inland Valley Daily Bulletin ~ Kenneth Todd Ruiz ** Teacher's sex experiment went too far, says district

This sounds to me like a teacher without any perspective, a malady common in Claremont, trying to "reach" the kids.

I mean, come on, what do kids want these days? They want open, frank discussions of sex with no limits on what they can say or do. This guy was jsut giving it to them. Isn't high school about giving the kids what they want? Afterall, we're there for the kids, and if giving the kids everything they want isn't what's best for them, I don't know what is.

Dang, thinking like a liberal makes my head hurt.

We also learned how to give massages in my American Lit class. Can you fathom sending your daughter to a class where a bunch of drooling bags of testosterone will be encouraged to grope and knead her and to do the same to said hormone bags? Well, such was and apparently is life at good ole CHS.

Homeschooling anyone?

Posted by uhyw at 10:42 AM EDT

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